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Investors vs. Wholesaler

Morgan is an investor! We are not a wholesaler. We simply buy homes! Don’t confuse Morgan with the yellow signs on the side of the road and power poles with “800” numbers.

Wholesalers normally don’t have the cash to buy your house. They will make promises to buy your house, get you to sign a contract, then try to find an investor. Then the wholesaler comes knocking on our doors to buy your house. There is a catch! They want thousands of dollars more than what they offered you without touching your property. They pocket the money, and you the seller just gave away your hard-earned money. That’s the wholesale model.

Often times, the wholesaler will hold up your property in escrow, then they cannot find a buyer. They will either renegotiate the offer with you (lowering the purchase price, still making money on your home) or just disappear entirely if they can’t find a buyer. We don’t do this!
Take out the middle man, call the Morgan Team, we are straightforward and will not waste your time.

Thank you,
The Morgan Group